Upgrade the Stereo In the
Lincoln Town Car

As you can see from the picture, there are two small holes on each side of the factory head unit, you can make two cloth hanger to "U" shape. and put them into the hole at same time, apply some force to the center, then you can take the head unit out

At the back of the head unit, you can see two wire connections, I hope you can match them from the Wire Code diagram provided by Scosche(R).

Theorically, you can get two harness for the head unit and one pass-by unit for the factory Amperifier. For the head unit, one harness is for the power, and the other is for the speakers. Then we cannot use the factory Amperifier, we have to get another by-pass harness and let the wire come out from the aftermarket directly go to the speakers.

However, I cannot get the harness of speaker for my factory head unit, and I never found the by-pass neither. I only got the one for power, and I actually only use three of them( 12V constant, 12V power, and ground), So I actually even cut out harness after while.

Speaker wiring:

The hardest part of head unit, you have to figure how the wire goes from the head unit to the amplifier, and from the amplifier to the speaker. In my case, cut out the factory connector (or harness), connect them to the new speak output from my new stereo (head unit). Go to the amperifier in the trunk. On the amperifier, there are three connectors, one is power, one is speaker signal input, another one is speaker output. Ignore the power, Connect the input and output together (because we cannot use the amperifier any more). However, it is not easy to figure out which one goes to which one, and which one is Negative, which one is Positive, they both work, but don't sound right.So I suggest rewiring the whole speaker cable.


The car's antenna is on the back window. The wire goes through a little box (located between the two rear speakers), and connect to the factory amperifier. The antenna connector in our cars is for Ford only, most (or all) the stereos you buy has a standard antenna connector, you might have to get another Antenna harness for Ford to plug into your new stereo, it is around $15.

What I did is, I bought a new antenna (around $15), and an extention antenna cord (the longest available, barely long enough), I placed the antenna in the trunk, routed the cord to the front and connect to my new stereo (see rewiring speaker for how to wire the antenna cord). I don't think this is a good idea, Maybe you can just buy a antenna harness instead, but you still have to re-route the antenna cord to the front.

Installation kit:

Kit details: Page 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Since the stereo is Double Din size, you can buy a so called installation kit to mount your new stereo into the dash. Scosche (R) was recommended by Joe Pettitt in his book "High Performance car stereo". There are many of them that may fit your car from their website, but I only can get model FD1327 from "Good Guys". Scosche's kit has an opening for a stereo and another "pocket" for CDs (or coins, small things). The instructions indicated that I should put the stereo above the pocket, but it was to hard, and I put the pocket above the stereo.


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