Lincoln Town Car Repairs

General impressions of each model year--which is best, what problems exist in which year, etc.


Upgrading your front speakers
Upgrading your rear speakers
Upgrade your Stereo
Replacement bulb chart
Adding a factory CD-changer
Sunroof button replacement
Programming your garage door opener
Replace your wiper multiswitch


Repairing fogged headlights
Replacement bulb chart
Door hinge adjustment/replacement
Mud flaps, ordering and installation
Moonroof adjustments
Trunk pull-down
Trunk key lock emblem repair
Windshield wiper problems


Engine and Transmission

The Oil Change
Change transmission filter
Changing transmission fluid from pan and torque converter
Cleaning your EGR system
Replacing spark plugs
Cracked intake manifold
What is the heck is the MAF anyway?

Suspension and Brakes

Replacing front brake pads
Rotating tires
Replace your air springs


Additional recommended regular service
Keyless remote programming at V8

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