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Lincoln Town Car

The Lincoln Town Car is the ultimate in American Luxury cars. Offering prestige, elegance and luxurious comfort, the Lincoln Town Car is an American classic.


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1959 Lincoln Continental

The Lincoln Town Car nameplate first appeared in 1959, on a special, limousine version of the standard Lincoln Continental. The 1959 Town Car was available only in black and was adorned with a unique padded vinyl top, a rare design elementat that time.

After its first appearance from 1959, the Town Car name went dormant for a decade, and was re-introduced as an 1969 Lincoln Continental optional plush interior option package and then again it was offerred as a trim option for the 1971 Continental, and continued through 1980 as a option package for the Lincoln Continental. The Town Car name has generally been applied to four-door Sedans, but from 1975-1980 there was a similar two-door option called the Town Coupe.

1981 Lincoln Town Car

The 1981 Lincoln Town Car was introduced as a model in its own right, and the Town Car name continues today as Lincoln's most prestigious automobile. Built on the Ford Panther platform, the Lincoln Town Car offers a luxurious ride that can only be experienced to fully appreciate.

1990 Lincoln Town Car

In 1990 Motor Trend named the Lincoln Town Car its "Car of the Year". The 1990 Lincoln Town Car went through a major exterior redesign and ganed rear air suspension as standard equipment. The Town Car was available in three variations: Executive Series, Signature Series, and the plush, Cartier, each increasing in order of cost and trim level. This model Town car also saw the introduction of Ford's new Modular V8, a DOHC design which replaced the legendary Ford 351 Windsor engine throughout the company's lineup. This original engine offerred a mere 150 HP, but was increased to 210 HP in the 1994 model year.

1998 Lincoln Town Car

A whole new body style was introduced which was marked by the removal of the car's hood ornament and more a more curvy exterior shape giving the Town Car an aura of soft elegance and opulence.

2003 Lincoln Town Car

Another exterior redesign in 2003 replaced the hood ornament. 2003 also marked the last year for the "Cartier" trim package (1981 through 2003). The 2004 model year replaces the high end Town Car with the new "Ultimate" edition. The Town Car dominates the limousine market in the United States. The 2003 Lincoln Town Car contains a more fuel efficient 4.6 L V8, 239 hp modular engine.

2003 Lincoln Town Car interior

2006 and Beyond
Ford is rumored to be considering producing the next version of the Lincoln Town Car as an all-wheel-drive, V8-powered sedan developed by extending the platform used by the 2005 Ford Five Hundred. I am sure this will be at least partly decided on how well the Ford Five Hundered sells. Keeping the Panther platform on which the Town Car is assembled is also an option. The Panther platform dates to 1978 and is also shared by the Mercury Grand Marquis and the Ford Crown Victoria, so keeping the Panther is a viable option.

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